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O2B Colostrum 90 capsules

Brand: O2B Healthy

Sku: 161002

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There are many studies to support the supplementation of colostrum, the data suggests that any individual with compromised immunity, suffering ongoing illness and even digestive imbalance can benefit from Colostrum. Specifically, O2B Healthy Colostrum contains a broad spectrum of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal antibodies to enhance health and is so nutritious it promotes healing. 


  • After finishing a course of antibiotics
  • Boost overall immunity
  • Improve digestion & bowel health
  • Prevent infection and illness
  • Boosts energy and vitality
  • Allergies
  • Combat auto-immune disorders
  • Improve wound repair & healing

Collected from pasture fed dairy cows and is processed fresh using a unique low heat, spray dry processing technique to ensure that the highest biological activity is retained. This biological activity and health benefits can be attributed to the scientifically identified 97 immune factors, 87 growth factors (bio-identical hormones and precursors) and a variety of different probiotics along with prebiotics that help nourish the digestive tract and help complete overall digestion.


  • O2B Colostrum builds, repairs, strengthens and restores.

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