BeeBio Lava Rotorua White Mud Masque (50g)

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BeeBio Lava Rotorua White Mud Masque 50g

White Mud Masque With Manuka Honey & Bee Venom

Natural Active Manuka Honey, Rare white Rotorua Mineral Mud and Pure Bee Venom creates the perfect essential  deep cleansing, anti ageing mask. Manuka honey  naturally moisturizes, is anti bacterial, anti imflamatory, high in  anti oxidants and stimulates new skin cells. Our Pure Bee Venom  stimulates the skin tissue encouraging natural collagen production.

Key Points;

  • World first essential mineral luxury mud mask
  • Experience the finest rare, mineral rich, Rotorua volcanic white mud
  • Deep Cleanse, detoxify & purify