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Honey Centre - Honey & Fruit Gift Pack 40g x 6

Brand: Honey Centre

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Contains: Honey and Ginger, Lemon, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Cocoa and Coffee

Ginger: Ingredients - Ginger & Honey

Stir into hot water or herbal tea - not only will it add an earthy, albeit sweet note to your libation it will help chase away those winter illnesses. Also delicious in Asian dishes - try a spoonful in your stir fry sauce or mix with soy, fish oil and garlic to create a well balanced dressing for fish, chicken or vegetables. 

Lemon: Ingredients - Lemon & Honey

Mix with a cup of hot water to ward off cold & flu symptoms. Also delicious on pancakes and gives a perfect lift to crumpets. 

Blueberry: Ingredients - Blueberry & Honey

Blueberries and pancakes go together like bees and honey, so, this winning combination will effortlessly pair with your fluffy pancakes. Or warm gently and top as a hot sauce on vanilla bean ice cream. 

Strawberry: Ingredients - Strawberry & Honey

This sweet pink combination is a winner smeared on a freshly baked scone still warm from the oven. Or use it to sweeten a classic sponge cake and be sure to lather the finished product with plenty of whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 

Cinnamon: Ingredients - Cinnamon & Honey

Aromatic and gently spiced, the combination of honey and cinnamon dates back thousands of years to ancient Ayurreda medical practises. Today, while it can still be used for medicinal purposes, it’s favoured for it’s sweet and spicy depth of flavour - try spreading on warm hot cross buns, fruit loaf or stirred into warm milk as a soothing night time tipple.

Mochaccino (Cocoa and Coffee): Ingredients - Mochaccino & Honey

Coffee, chocolate, and honey are truly a match made in heaven. Rich and bold, this combination is highly sought after by mixologists to add a subtle sweetness to cocktails. At home, blend with milk, ice and a touch of Bayleys or Kahula for an adult appropriate milkshake.

Storage: Best stored below 20℃.

Product of New Zealand

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