Richard Hanson is Managing Director of Aotea Gifts and its manufacturing associate Pureland. He holds a Masters of Commerce and has a background in business, finance and property investment. Prior to his role with Aotea Gifts, Richard spent 14 years creating and delivering large scale land and tourism projects.

During his time at University in the 1990’s, Richard worked in the family business on a part time basis. In 2012, Richard began a full time role in Aotea Gifts, his external experience benefitting the company in many ways. He has responsibility for strategy, property matters, store establishment and commercial property holdings. He leads financial matters for the Aotea companies including budgeting and cashflow management.

In normal company operations he leads the product development team. He researches and develops a wide range of products within the company’s brand portfolio.

During the travel disruptions of COVID 19, Aotea Gifts has been at the epicentre of an abrupt cease to its traditional revenue streams. Richard has lead the company strategy through its hibernation, restructure and rebuild planning.

Richard has a passion for the outdoors. He is often found on a mountainbike, skiing or on the water, by either paddleboard or boat. Outdoor experiences such have these have directly influenced the brand direction and products of Pureland’s “Kapeka” knitwear.