The products of Aotea Gifts are manufactured by a wide range of suppliers throughout New Zealand. This ranges from factories making food & beauty, to the craft of individuals making jewellery.

Beekeepers, Trappers, Farmers, Shearers and many other contributors throughout New Zealand provide the raw materials that are incorporated into these products. All these contributors to our supply chain are part of the Aotea Whanau.


We harvest and process honey from across the South Island. Aotea Gifts have been our key retail partner in New Zealand for over 6 years, they carry the best products that New Zealand brands have to offer, with experienced, friendly staff and the highest customer service.

Aotea Gifts have been our key retail partner in New Zealand for over 6 years, much like Manuka South they are a family owned and operated business who deliver the best retail experience New Zealand wide.

I have the pleasure in stating that my business relationship with Aotea goes back twenty- four years, to when I started my company! During this time we've had a great relationship with the owners as well as with all their staff and management. We have both grown successfully together as businesses and kept developing products and marketing ideas along side each other.

We have been working with Aotea Gifts for over 15 years and have built up a strong, trustworthy, working relationship over these years. We regard them as a leading tourist retailer with strong skills in store presentation, product selection and the merchandising of a wide range of quality products to visitors to our country.

We have been supplying Aotea Gifts since the1980s at their first shop in Takanini. This has been a long term, close relationship which has grown and evolved over the years as a true partnership. Our company is a family business based in Rotorua. We manufacture New Zealand skincare brands and also NZ Gift certain food and gourmet brands. We are very happy to have Aotea New Zealand carry our Pure Source and Alpine Gourmet products! They are a great Company to deal with and share the same values, which is the foundation of our continuing business relationship.

After supplying Aotea New Zealand almost 40 years, much has changed in the market around us. However, whether you are a customer or a supplier, the core values of Aotea New Zealand as a retailer of trusted quality service and products, by a New Zealand family owned and operated business remain the same. Aotea’s in store extensive range of attractive designer products in New Zealand's most popular visitor townships make shopping a luxury experience.

We have had the privilege of working with The Aotea Group now for over 20 years. We have developed a strong partnership which helps to us understand their business strategy and needs. The Aotea Group continue to lead the way with innovation, they have the ability to leverage customer feedback to innovate and develop relevant products and services. It’s a pleasure working with a company who has passion about delivering top quality garments to their ever growing customer base. We look forward to continuing our journey together for many years to come!

Aotea Gifts are the largest tourist retailer in New Zealand and have many high quality stores throughout the country. We have been a supplier to them for over 40 years and have always found them to be efficient, reliable and trustworthy. They will always go out of their way to make sure their customers are fully satisfied. The Aotea Group are a pleasure to work with.

We are a 100% New Zealand owned family company established in 1951, recognised as one the country’s largest manufacturers and distributors of New Zealand lifestyle products. Pioneers in the industry, for over 30 years, we have become renowned for our skincare ranges that feature ingredients unique to our country. We are proud to have been working closely with Aotea for over 40 years, presenting to the market our range of high-quality New Zealand gift and skincare products across all of their outlets New Zealand wide. We have always found Aotea New Zealand to be a forward thinking business, committed to the customer shopping experience, and look forward to continuing our journey showcasing the best of New Zealand together.